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bakal beraya dgn CD baru...

nak cuba IB D'Lish  & Tutto pulak...

dah order....
aku amik 2 helai Itti Bitti tutto & selai Itti Bitti d'Lish

rupa bentuk inner IB Tutto

change the way you think about cloth nappies!
bitti tutto logo
itti bitti are well known for changing the way you think about cloth nappy and have done it again with the brilliant new bitti tutto!
After being bombarded with requests for an itti bitti one size / birth to potty nappy, we’ve spent over a year developing the best fitting one size nappy you can get – in our humble opinion of course ;)
bitti tutto cloth nappy sizes
a nappy that grows with your child? wise choice

one size fits most from tiny newborn to small child
We’ve eliminated the bulk associated with a lot of one size options and this cleverly designed nappy, fits neat and slim from birth (3kgs) right through to a 22kg child!
But we didn’t just design the best fitting one size nappy, we have solved the most common issue – the dreaded ‘pooplosion’.
The bitti tutto has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back – it’s our patented ‘poo fence’which means you don’t need to worry about leaks and can use this nappy with confidence!
Hip snaps help give a perfect fit at each size, for slim and cuddly babies, without bulk or wing droop.

Each nappy comes with three soaker pads, so you can customise the absorbency to suit your baby. PLUS bitti tutto is brilliantly economical, as you can buy extra soaker pads separately (in the original super absorbent bamboo, or quick dry microfibre) and re-use the outer shell!
With luxurious, soft and waterproof minkee fabric on the outside for babies comfort, no cover is required.
Itti d'lish Snap In One (SIO)

  • Because the nappy comes apart, you can re-use the outer 'shell' like a cover, replacing wet booster sets with dry ones making SIO's perfect for travelling or space saving in the nappy bag and a very economical option as well
  • Quick drying
  • No need to be taken apart and put back together for washing and drying, but this will make drying times faster
  • 8 layers of bamboo for a highly absorbent nappy, suitable even for heavy wetters (you can expect the nappy to last 3-4 hours or more)
  • Only natural fibres in the soaker pads

ni design yg aku pilih..




 warna Eton & Dequiri adalah Itti Bitti Limited Edition Prints...

aku join kutu arirtu aku decided amik CD IB ni...
lgpun Bumiakids tgh buat sale IB ni..
baik grab..
turn aku dpt bln 8 ni mmg ngam2 la utk Imran pakai raya nnt..hehe

utk IB d'lish SIO ni harga sale tinggal RM78 selai..
kalau normal price RM 95

while harga IB Tutto sale RM88
normal price RM 108

xsabar nak dpt...wee


atfina said...

owhh...sungguh "seksi" gambar itew... :P

Iela Fazielah said...

atfina: serius seksikan? Bkn gmbar je... Cd tu pun....:-)

Nadra Farissa said...

sgt2 la colorful.. i loooike.. :D

Iela Fazielah said...

nadra: itule pasal... sgt colourful kan.... menarik hati

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